Training methodologies in community and indigenous communication


We review the principles and methodologies of training and knowledge transmission of the Indigenous Peoples, from which training methodologies for indigenous and community communicators are designed, as well as the role played by other key actors in the processes of training or advocacy (civil organizations, governments, among others).


The following principles are based on the mandates and training processes guided by the Indigenous Peoples:

  • Experiential approach.
  • Strengthen existing networks.
  • Popular education.
  • Preservation and transmission of knowledges.
  • Unity.
  • Autonomy.
  • Other principles emanating from the study of the worldviews and thinking of Indigenous Peoples.
  • Training with Indigenous Peoples.
  • Researchers Training based on PAR and Indigenous Peoples’ training methods.
  • Training of community technicians in radio broadcasting and telecommunications (Techio Comunitario).
  • Likewise, it attends training needs and pedagogical tools that may be required by other research lines. Some shared research projects are:
      • Methodology for the design of Communication Strategies for Territorial Defense.
      • Sustainability of community and indigenous media.
      • Methodology for the participatory design of a community intranet.