Support to undergraduate and postgraduate students


The objective of this program is to support research projects that systematize and analyze community or indigenous communication and telecommunications projects from different perspectives linking knowledge spaces of the Indigenous Peoples and higher education institutions that have undergraduate and postgraduate courses related to CITSAC’s research lines. We aim to integrate undergraduate and postgraduate students to a co-tutoring scheme for the preparation of thesis projects between the CITSAC and its university of origin.


This program is addressed to indigenous and non-indigenous students of higher education institutions or Indigenous Peoples’ knowledge centers which develop research projects or theses linked to the research lines of the CITSAC. To participate in the program an open call is held, and the selection process is developed by the CITSAC Advisory Board, responding to the research needs that arise from the experiences and strategic projects that we support.


The commitments acquired by students who enter this program, based on a call and selection developed by CITSAC’s researchers are:

  • Present a research proposal that shows previous knowledge and interest of the participants for the center’s lines of research and projects.
  • Development of a thesis or research project of undergraduate or postgraduate that allows the analysis and systematization of the projects that are promoted in the research center.
  • Acceptance of a co-tutoring scheme and meetings with CITSAC’s researchers who wish to support the project.
  • Complete the induction course to the methodologies and reflections that are expressed in the CITSAC work form.
  • Participation in monthly virtual sessions and in the annual face-to-face session of the CITSAC research seminar.
  • Realization of research residencies in the communities to which the study refers, based on the own conditions that each community or organization defines.

The benefits that the participants of this program can access are:

  • Linkage with academics, specialists, communities, governmental institutions and international organizations with which CITSAC is related.
  • Development of research projects with a high potential to impact in the rural and indigenous communities that we accompany.
  • Possibility of monthly economic support for the realization of the research, to be designated by the CITSAC Advisory Board, based on the research requirements and the available budget.
  • Possibility to support field work travel expenses and presentation of advances in national and international conferences.
  • Travel expenses to attend the annual face-to-face edition of the CITSAC research seminar.
  • Possibility of carrying out a national or international exchange in Indigenous Peoples’ areas of knowledge management and in institutions of higher education with which CITSAC has an agreement.