Our mission is to be a space that links communities, knowledge management spaces of the Indigenous Peoples, academics, governments and international organizations to promote the creation and consolidation of telecommunications and communication projects expressed in the mandates of Indigenous Peoples and agreements between different organizations that support these processes. We will do this through the systematization of community experiences and knowledges, the development of training processes for people inside and outside the communities, political advocacy for the generation of appropriate regulatory environments, development of relevant technologies and the publication and dissemination of academic and dissemination materials on these topics.

We want to become a benchmark for analysis, reflection and worldwide applied research on community and indigenous communication experiences and telecommunications, taking as a fundamental axis the Indigenous People’s knowledges expressed in their political, economic, cultural and social organization forms, and through the consolidation of a space to bond communities, knowledge management spaces of the Indigenous Peoples, academics, university research networks, government institutions, international organizations and other key actors.

  • Develop applied research and generate linking mechanisms that potentiate telecommunications and indigenous and community communication experiences in their organizational, legal, political, economic and cultural aspects, having as a fundamental axis the Indigenous Peoples’s mandates.

  • Reflect on the practice and prospective of community and indigenous communication based on participatory research methodologies.
  • Link communities, organizations and institutions that develop community and indigenous communication and telecommunications projects to establish ties and dialogue of knowledges that allow the consolidation and creation of projects.
  • Establish advocacy mechanisms in public policies for the creation of an appropriate regulatory environment for this type of experience, based on the development of applied research on the normative systems of Indigenous Peoples.
  • Sustain, through participatory diagnosis, the technological solutions that communities have developed related to lack of access and connectivity in telecommunications services.
  • Reflect and develop methodological strategies for training in communication and technologies to improve the processes of knowledge sharing and practice in this type of experiences.
  • Situate community knowledges as the fundamental axis to understand their way of life and their economic, political, cultural and social problems.