Media plurality


Reflects on the conditions that allow the access, distribution and preservation of audiovisual content produced by Indigenous Peoples, both in indigenous media and in mass and state media. It also explores articulation processes between communities and key actors linked to indigenous audiovisual production, preservation and dissemination processes to propose mechanisms and technological solutions that respond to the needs identified by the communities. On the other hand, it analyzes the legal challenges in terms of authorship and protection of traditional knowledges in the digital world to design a pertinent legal strategy.

  • Strengthening community knowledges.
  • Revitalization and cultural and identity resistance.
  • Technological appropriation.
  • Rights of audience.
  • Audiovisual production as a community process.
  • Community Networks.
  • Techio Comunitario
  • National and international advocacy in media plurality.
  • Legal strategy for the protection of traditional knowledges in the digital world.