An essential part in the articulation of the projects generated in the CITSAC is the methodology and research principles developed here and that are based on the experience of several years of support to telecommunications projects and communication experiences. Therefore, people who participate in the internship programs, applied research and support for undergraduate and graduate students of CITSAC, will have a space to know the basic principles and methodologies of approach and analysis of reality of indigenous communities through an induction course.

We will reflect on the possibilities and limits of contemporary reality, specifically related to indigenous and rural communities and communication and telecommunications in the world. Through the dialogue of knowledges, this proposal addresses the need to generate spaces that allow a critical analysis of the environment in which the processes that we support unfold.


The characteristics of this seminar are:

  • Participants in any of the CITSAC programs, associated researchers and any other interested person with the commitment to be part of this process will be present at this seminar.
  • The modality of the seminar consists in a monthly presentation of the work that a person or organization involved with community or indigenous communication or telecommunications projects has, based on the reading of the previous texts that the invited person designates.
  • The virtual sessions will be carried out monthly with a duration of approximately two hours.
  • The face-to-face session of the seminar will be held once a year in a community with projects related to the CITSAC research lines.
  • Initially, it is proposed that the seminar be held in Spanish to accommodate the universities and communities that we support in Latin America.

The CITSAC virtual repository will be a space that brings together several publications for people interested in our lines of research. The materials that will be included in the repository are not only academic texts, you can also view documentary videos, articles, manuals, political advocacy reports, and other formats relevant to the objectives of the research center.

…under construction.

A fundamental part of CITSAC’s work is knowledge production and dissemination. For this reason, the publication of various materials in text or audiovisual media that point to the reflection around the lines of research we work on is an element that allows the systematization and sharing of the knowledge generated in this research center.

Regarding academic publications, we refer to practical-theoretical analyzes of the experiences that we support and proposals for the systematization of community knowledge that are aimed at people linked to academic thinking. Specifically, books, book chapters, articles in indexed and refereed journals, undergraduate and postgraduate theses, etcetera.

On the other hand, these publications have the function of reaching different audiences to the academic field, so they can have a different language in their knowledge production. Some examples are: political advocacy research reports, press articles, reflections from blogs, audiovisual materials, etcetera.

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